Sticks’n’Sushi, London


Sticks’n’Sushi is a small chain of restaurants, with four in London, and one in Cambridge, serving sushi and yakitori sticks. What’s not to love? I have visited the Covent Garden restaurant on numerous occasions, and from the moment you walk in, to the last bite of dessert, this restaurant ticks all the boxes.

Upon sitting, I can highly recommend one of their delicious cocktails, or for a non-alcoholic option, the rhubarb fizz from Denmark. Food choices are obvious. Of course it going to have to be both a selection of sushi AND sticks. I mean the clues in the name! If you’re sitting downstairs you can watch your meal being prepared in front of you, or alternatively you can salivate over the choice of your neighbours selection… Easy way to avoid this, order everything.


Once your feast arrives, you won’t know where to start as it all just looks so delicious. When ordering from the menu, I was sure that the sushi element would obviously be my favourite part of the meal, with sushi being my guilty pleasure. All this changed though upon receiving this platter of heaven. The sushi was perfect, but in strong contest were the yakitori sticks. Once the chicken meatball stick had reached my tastebuds, all thoughts of sushi had slipped my mind, it was just so simple, yet so incredibly scrumptious.


And if the sticks’n’sushi weren’t enough, the desserts just tipped it off. After the overdindulgence in the previous courses, these were the perfect size. However I recommend ordering a selection, strictly for taste testing purposes.Obviously.

So all in all, I cannot recommend Sticks’n’Sushi more highly. It works as a restaurant you can just drop in to after a hard day of shopping in your jeans and jumper, but equally, if you want dress up, you won’t be out of place at all. After all, ‘sushi is just fish in haute couture’.

(You will need to book this restaurant in advance as it does get very busy, particularly on Friday and Saturday night)

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