The Feathered Nest Inn, The Cotswolds

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds is a sleepy village named Nether Westcote, home to the award winning pub, ‘The Feathered Nest Inn’. However do not be tricked by the name, this stands far apart from your average village haunt, and the food is a world away from your typical ‘pub grub’. Upon entering the car park, you will be greeted with breathtaking views across the Evenlode valley, the sunny garden being a perfect place to admire this with a cold drink in hand. The interior of the inn does also, not disappoint. It has been tastefully decorated with antiques dotted around, in corners, shelves and on windowsills, giving it a welcoming feel. Upstairs they have four rooms, each one beautifully decorated and different from the other. Next, I move onto the most important part, the food. Although they serve a simple bar menu, the à la carte menu is really what gets your tastebuds tingling. Whilst perusing the menu you are served delicious homemade canapés to give you a taste of what’s to come. There are not many restaurants that I have been to where I want to eat everything on the menu, but this is one of the special few. I have included a few photos of the dishes we had. I’m sorry I haven’t included any mains, but they were so good, they were gobbled up before I could even take a photo.

cervice edited
Sea Bream, tigers milk, pisco, papaya,chilli, coriander

This starter was fresh and zingy with flavour. The subtle heat of the chilli added a lovely extra hit at the end.

Asparagus, hen egg,  parmesan, savoury custard, chives
Asparagus, hen egg, parmesan, savoury custard, chives

This dish is perfect for this time of year as it is asparagus season, and these were sourced from nearby Evesham. The ‘egg’ is a flavoursome surprise, as it is not actually an egg at all! (I’ll let you go and find out why for yourself!)

Beetroot, ewes curd, yoghurt, pumpernickel, dill
Beetroot, ewes curd, yoghurt, pumpernickel, dill

For the vegetarians amongst you, this will no doubt set your stomachs rumbling. Don’t expect your average bland vegetarian dish here! In fact if all vegetarian dishes were like this the butchers would be out of business.

Burnt cream, gariguette strawberry, red vein sorrel
Burnt cream, gariguette strawberry, red vein sorrel

I had been looking forward to dessert all evening and this did not disappoint. The ‘burnt cream’ was like a beautiful crème brûlée, and the strawberries worked harmoniously with the sweetness to leave a refreshed palette. Overall, I cannot rate this gem of a restaurant highly enough. If you live near The Feathered Nest Inn, or are simply visiting the area, make sure this is a place you will visit, you will not regret it. Make sure you book a table in advance though, especially on the weekend, as apparently they often are fully booked, which is of course, no surprise.

The Feathered Nest Inn,
Nether Westcote,
United Kingdom
Tel: 01993 833 030

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